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Giuseppe has been nurtured by outstanding food from an early age. He was born at a 'Molino' - an olive oil mill in the heart of Tuscany, where his grandfather operated an olive oil press surrounded by the family groves and a small farm.


He began his passion for the culinary arts and Tuscan heritage products by experiencing the earthy recipes in the mills kitchen cooked by his mother, aunts and extended family.  An abundance of fresh produce, hand made cheeses, the courtyard animals and wild boar of the valley, along with all the fresh pressed olive oil at harvest time, stirred his love affair with food.


Giuseppe has taught Tuscan cuisine extensively throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico. 


A hard and fast philosophy is to source out organic and artisanal products from the region, and then convey them to students in an authentically Tuscan way.


Giuseppes life long passion for food and wine, and sourcing them from little known producers - whether they are bee keepers or chocolate artisans - makes him the perfect person to teach Tuscan cuisine.



  • Member Itailian Sommelier Association

  • Slow Food Affiliate

  • Experienced EVOO taster

Molino di Ciapo

Molino, Nievole


It took a cooking class .....


Giuseppe and Liz met in 2009 when she traveled with friends from St. Thomas to Italy on vacation and took a cooking class with...., well you know who! We could say the rest was history, but that would not do justice to the adventures, the travels and the sheer romance of the story!


The relationship/love affair  has spanned many years, and a half dozen countries, but now we are focused on Lucca, someplace we both adore.


After 20 years in the Caribbean where she owned a world reknowned bar with her late husband, Liz took the leap to purchase a property in Lucca in 2014 to be closer to Giuseppe. 


Their story was recently told on HGTV for an episode of House Hunters International titled "Cooking Up Some Love in Lucca". Maybe you can catch it in re-runs!


Liz's background covers a lot of ground in the hospitality industry but design is her focus now.  


While Chef Giuseppe is certainly the master at Tuscan cooking, Liz's role as muse will be evident!

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