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The Langhe and Short of it.

My old buddies and I have been dreaming about this get away to Langhe, probably the noblest wine region of Italy where a unique combination of climate, soil and centuries old wine - making knowledge have yielded rare gems in the oenology world : Barolo , Barbaresco , the quintessential expression of wine . At cantina Roagna we tasted those spicy ,tarry, earthy, gamey perfumes that are not the ordinary olfactory-taste approach. The memories will stay with us long after the wine is gone!

And for all my US fans who mostly experience Italy in the warm weather ... here is a snow covered hill top village .... very different from the usual summer vistas!




Salt your pasta water "like the ocean"



Reserve some pasta water from the pan as a natural thickener for your sauce.



Remember: seafood pasta dishes never get cheese!

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