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Well, classes in the Palazzo are officially underway! The great thing about a small personalised class is that unlike larger tours, you choose the days menu based on what looks great at the market that morning. This week we were fortunate to happen upon some exquisite WILD ASPARAGUS. This is not commonly found in shops, but on street corners. Lovers of this shy beauty forage in the woods for it during a short growing season and sell with pride their finds!

This bunch (of which there were only four or five) we found in Arezzo, it's vendor an elderly lady too shy to pose for a photo, but definitely NOT too shy to show off and discuss her fabulous asparagus. So, this week we have focused on a wild asparagus and pecorino timbale - similar to a flan, as a starter.

If you are lucky enough to stumble on this delicacy, scoop it up and thank the seller for sourcing this elusive product and bringing it, however limited, to market.

Hope to see you in the kitchen with us this summer!

Liz and Chef



Salt your pasta water "like the ocean"



Reserve some pasta water from the pan as a natural thickener for your sauce.



Remember: seafood pasta dishes never get cheese!

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