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Brain Freeze

No one loves a good Brain Freeze more than me! Recently, just beneath our rental apartment Adagio on Via Santa Croce we discovered the Best. Gelato. In. The. World.

No, seriously.

And we don't come by those words easily. Gelato holds a special, devoted cult following kind of status in Italians hearts, whereas we foreigners tend to just scarf up anything and everything in a freezer case once we hit bella italia. I challenge you to be discerning.

Spolier alert: once you taste Tomaso's creations, I dare say the rest of your life will be a sorry, downward spiral of disappointments and bittersweet nostalgia when it comes to frozen goodies.

Among the recent gelato flavours that brought us to tears: deep, deep, deep dark chocolate - stuffed with italian sour cherries, Cinnamon, and Salted Sicilian Pistachio. And because sometimes you just want something light; the sorbetti are award winning in texture, flavour and diversity as well: a rhum and pineapple combo was the bomb, or my favourite: pink grapefruit and white fennel.

We simply cannot overstate that La Bodega del Gelato is a MUST DO while in Lucca. Located at #87 Via Santa Croce, just near the canal at Porta Elisa, it is open from 1pm to 11pm during the summer hours.

Go, go, go. You can thank us later. Or buy us a gelato.



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