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Capturing the Moment

Some things are just so obviously meant to go together. Like food and wine, Lucca and Puccini, Truffles and Pasta. It occurred to me the one thing that pairs perfectly with every Lucchese experience, is the ability to capture memories of a magical visit and take them home with you.

We endeavour to do that everyday with our cooking classes. And now, someone we know does that using a different pallet ; photography. Thomas England, our friend, and Lucca neighbour has a rich past teaching photography, and has been prominently featured in leading publications worldwide.

In bringing his expertise to Lucca visitors, his class (nay, experience!), will enrich your day in Lucca in many ways ... his local knowledge of photographic spots, the right lighting each day, the ability to gear classes to novices and experts whether you use a Nikon or a SmartPhone.

We cant think of a better way to spend a half day exploring the little known gems of Lucca, and at the same time take home a unique remembrance of your journey.

He does have a unique advantage over Extra Virgin Cooking Classes .... his half day experience is guilt and calorie free!

Thomas England




Salt your pasta water "like the ocean"



Reserve some pasta water from the pan as a natural thickener for your sauce.



Remember: seafood pasta dishes never get cheese!

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