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  • What are the class hours and days?
    Our classes are Wednesday to Saturday 9:30am to 2:30pm.
  • What language is the class conducted in?
    The class is is english. Giuseppe is a great commuicator and has worked in the US, Canada and Caribbean in english.
  • Novice or Professional?
    This particular region of Tuscany is known for its country style cooking. Giuseppe's heritage recipes come from growing up at an olive oil press, not in a four star restaurant! Dishes are concentrated around fresh ingredients, prepared in a straight forward way. The meals you prepare can be easily and deliciously reproduced back home. Regional specialties are emphasized, giving both novices and professionals something to take away. Yes, this is hands on class, not a demonstration style course.
  • Where is the class held?
    We are fortunate to hold classes in our palazzo home inside the historic walls of Lucca, an easy walk from anywhere in town, no car needed. While the 16th century palace has oodles of charm, the kitchen is modern and elegant with high, beamed ceilings, marble counters and custom antique work table, comfortable in summer with Air Conditioning. Each guest has a personal work station with a stool should you not want to stand for the class. Lunch is served in the vaulted ceiling dining room after class. Our space is on the ground floor, wheelchair accessible with advance notice**. After class we are just a few short blocks from the main shopping area or for a stroll up on the wall.
  • Class Size?
    After working in many different class settings over the years, Giuseppe focused this class on a small size so that it can be personal and intimate. When we constructed the kitchen and dining area everything was geared towards eight persons. We cannot accomodate a group larger than eight, and we feel that is part of what makes it a special day! Our classes require a minimum of 4 participants. In the unlikely event we have not the minimum students signed up, you will be contacted and offered an alternate class day. If you are unable to make changes to your schedule, we will provide a full refund. This has happened less than 3 times, so it is very rare, but we feel it fair to disclose!
  • Gluten free, Vegetarian and special requests
    We are happy to accomodate dietary requests. Gluten free is a frequent request, and as long as we are aware in advance, we can create a menu that meets those needs, without you feeling like you compromised either the cooking or the dining experence! All requests need to be advised in advance of the class. Same day requests are not possible. Vegetarian is also possible, especially in the summer. Strict Vegan is not possible.
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