Frequently asked questions

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Handle Queries Promptly

HeyMojo chatbots are pre-programmed to understand 80% of the guest queries to promptly answer about hotel facilities, promotions, amenities, activities, policies, rooms, food and beverage, facilities, etc. Let the chatbot do the grunt work while your reservations team focus on filling in the rooms.

Gather Guest Information

Gather guest contact information with just single tap! HeyMojo Chatbots collect guest contact details and key interests through conversations to enrich customer profiles in your CRM and boost your sales & marketing campaigns.

Improved Guest Support

Typically all requests like room service, ordering food to the room or amenities related queries are placed on a call by the guests. You can level up your guest service by leveraging the power of Intelligent Chatbots. Your guests can get all queries answered just by messaging.

Boost Direct Bookings

HeyMojo Chatbots help online visitors enter your direct booking funnel. If a visitor abandons their purchase, booking requests are forwarded to the hotel reservation and/or sales team that follows up and closes the deal.

Remove Language Barriers

Your hotel may get visitors from all across the world. It is important that each guest irrespective of the nationality feels welcome and is also able to interact with the staff. Although your staff may not be able to speak the language your guests does, our AI powered chatbot can understand the guest's concern and convey the same to you.